Completely Offline

Central Bank Digital Currency

WhisperCash is the first fully offline CBDC that has the same properties as physical cash.

It is capable of performing secure consecutive offline payments without compromising on security, privacy or accessibility

WhisperCash allows direct person to person offline payments without any server infrastructure or internet connectivity

WhisperCash Lite

The WhisperCash Lite offers the biggest convenience for users. It is a keyring tag that can be tapped to contactless readers in shops or to the user’s own NFC capable phone for balance verification or top-up. This has proven to work really well for public transit tickets such as the Oyster Card in London, and similar systems throughout the world.

WhisperCash Basic

This is a SIM Card sticker that attaches to the SIM card of any mobile phone - Android, iPhone or feature phone. Once attached to the SIM, it can be controlled by a mobile app (Android only) or by the SIM Toolkit builtin phone application (on feature phones and iPhones)

WhisperCash Pro

It is battery powered and lasts for 2 weeks between recharges assuming a few transactions per day. WhisperCash Pro cards are self-contained CBDC wallets in a card form factor; they do not need an external reader or terminal to operate. An on-card eInk screen and capacitive keyboard are used to drive the user interaction.

WhisperCash Satellite Payments

We’ve built the WhisperCash Satellite Stations in order to ensure the payment infrastructure never gets interrupted,  no matter what happens, whether there are hurricanes or alien invasions

The WhisperCash Satellite Stations are small terminals that can be hosted by Authorized Financial Institutions or Merchants in order for citizens to make long-range transactions when other networks are down

They can also be used as standalone merchant terminals or synchronization devices in really remote areas where electricity, cellular networks and internet are scarce. They can draw their electricity from solar panels and require low maintenance

Razvan Dragomirescu

Chief Technical Officer

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